A Place for SEL Providers to Learn Together

The SEL Providers Council brings together providers of social emotional learning (SEL) programs, curricula, and assessments for collective learning, thought leadership, and action.

This effort is overseen by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), in close partnership with SEL providers.

Shared Learning

Coming together to learn from leading researchers, best-in-class practitioners, and SEL field experts

Thought Leadership

Collaborating to contribute to the growing evidence base and demonstrated best practice for SEL

Joint Promotion

Joining together to grow awareness for the importance and positive impacts of SEL

Collective Advocacy

Working collectively to advocate for policies that support high-quality SEL implementation

SEL Provider Council Goals

The SEL Providers Council aims to advance high-quality SEL implementation and strengthen student and youth wellbeing and outcomes by collectively:

  • Enhancing effectiveness and reach of high-quality SEL providers
  • Increasing development and adoption of evidence-based SEL programming and assessment
  • Building public awareness of SEL and its impact
  • Growing adoption of national, state and local policy and funding for SEL
  • Advancing understanding of the SEL field and marketplace

Members Include Providers of SEL


Professional Development


for early, elementary, secondary and higher education

Why Join the SEL Providers Council?

  • Meet and build relationships with other SEL providers
  • Work collectively to promote and advocate for SEL
  • Connect with leading SEL researchers, practitioners, policymakers and other experts
  • Learn emerging trends and best practices for SEL
  • Engage in knowledge sharing with other CASEL initiatives

Generous funding for the SEL Providers Council is provided by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation