Teaching Conflict Resolution to Young Children

Conflict happens. And that’s an understatement—conflict occurs every day, all day long. Research shows that in Pre-K classrooms, 60 acts of intrusion occur per hour. Join Vicky Hepler, Conscious Discipline Master Instructor, to learn about teaching conflict resolution to young children.

Parent CliffsNotes for the Skills of Conscious Discipline

Helping parents recognize a child’s brain state, adults can access an entirely new toolset that helps children shift their internal state and reach optimal learning and creative problem-solving. Join Amy Speidel, Conscious Discipline Master Instructor, for an overview of seven discipline skills and helpful phrases to get you started or continue your journey to more […]

COVID-19: Five Helpful Responses for Families

Helpful videos, articles, printables and podcasts that equip families and educators to navigate sheltering, learning and working from home. We’ve also expanded access to our most popular e-learning tools and are offering many of them for free through June 30.

Why Can’t I Go to School? Social Story

To keep staff and students safe and minimize the spread of COVID-19, many schools around the world have closed their doors. For children, this abrupt disruption to routine can feel confusing and scary. Available in multiple languages, this social story answers the question, “Why Can’t I Go to School?” in simple and reassuring terms.

Five Tips for Successful Home Learning

A few weeks ago, you guided children’s homework when they hit a rough spot. Today, you’re attempting to juggle the roles of lead teacher, guidance counselor and principal. Julie Ruffo, Conscious Discipline Editor, provides some ways to set yourself and your kids up for successful home learning.

The Safe Place at Home

In moments of upset, we rely on our inner speech to help us regulate and manage our emotions. But too often, our inner speech aggravates the feeling instead. Join Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor and mother of two Nicole Mercer as she explains how to create and use a Safe Place in the home and shares […]

75 Ways for Kids to Connect and Contribute

Keeping it safe by staying at home may seem like a block to connection and contribution, but it can also provide a wonderful opportunity to build unity, compassion and caring within our families and communities. These 75 ideas from Julie Ruffo, Conscious Discipline Editor, are a fun way to shift your perspective from an “I […]

A Brain Smart® Start for Our Day

In this guide “A Brain Smart Start for Our Day” by Conscious Discipline Master Instructor Lety Valero, you’ll learn more about how you and your family can start your day the brain smart way. These components include an activity to Unite, an activity to Disengage Stress, an activity to Connect and an activity to Commit.

Tamara Feels Worried

Video presentation of the “Tamara Feels Worried” story from the PATHS program, along with access to supporting materials for teachers.