EQ 101 for Parents

Parenting 101 at EQ.org is a free elearning organized with reflection activities and a video collection of more than 50 parent interviews. This course guides parents to communicate, collaborate, and create great relationships so that they can, in turn, teach these skills to children. To access, register for a free account on EQ.org then go […]

POP-UP SEL Activities & Crafts

In collaboration with UNICEF World Children’s Day, Six Seconds provide 60 free SEL activities and crafts requiring minimal supplies. Each activity has its own video description and powerful discussion questions to simulate conversation in a virtual classroom or at home. All activities have a tactile, artistic, or verbal component. Lessons can be filtered by age […]

Positive Action Family Kit

The Family Kit is used by families with children of all ages to teach and unite them in doing positive actions at home, and elsewhere, as individuals, parents, and members of the family and community. Using engaging and colorful materials, families participate in instruction and activities in 42 30-45-minute lessons. The kit includes a manual, […]

Social Story: Coronavirus Is a Big Word

In the wake of COVID-19, our normal way of life and our usual routines have been turned upside down. For children, these abrupt changes are especially confusing and scary, and so is the idea of a mysterious virus. This story by Abbi Kruse, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor, uses reassuring language and colorful illustrations to explain […]

Three Vital Steps to Successful Routines

Routines are essential because predictability helps children (and adults) feel safe. When we feel safe, we’re willing and able to form relationships with others helping us solve problems and move smoothly through the day. Join Kim Jackson, Conscious Discipline Master Instructor, as she explains how to use a three-step process—Model, Add Pictures, and Practice M.A.P.—to […]

Why Can’t I Go to School? Social Story

To keep staff and students safe and minimize the spread of COVID-19, many schools around the world have closed their doors. For children, this abrupt disruption to routine can feel confusing and scary. Available in multiple languages, this social story answers the question, “Why Can’t I Go to School?” in simple and reassuring terms.

Less Stress with Inner Explorer’s “I AM PRESENT” Mindfulness App

In 5-10 minutes a day, PK-12 students, teachers and families listen to a sequence of mindfulness practices. This is a strategy that peak performers in nearly every field use and is an ideal way to start the ‘at-home’ school day! The program is offered through a family/educator app, in English and Spanish, free through August […]

A Brain Smart® Start for Our Day

In this guide “A Brain Smart Start for Our Day” by Conscious Discipline Master Instructor Lety Valero, you’ll learn more about how you and your family can start your day the brain smart way. These components include an activity to Unite, an activity to Disengage Stress, an activity to Connect and an activity to Commit.